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We're creating a space for a community that wants to change the way the world works together. And established a global network of writers, designers, producers, videographers, company owners, and experts from hundreds of industries that use Outsource in BD to create something they believe in every day. Each and every one of our community members inspires us. We value their ideas, attitudes, and viewpoints because they are what make Outsource in BD so vibrant. Let’s start and be a master of these digital worlds.

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Md Liton Ahmed

Md Liton Ahmed

CEO & Founder
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  • Karen Scott

    Karen Scott

    Designer @ miller & corp

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    Vice President @USBCCI

    Outstanding platform for freelancers and clients alike! I've been using Outsourceinbd.com for a few months now, and I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of talent available.

  • Matthew Chambers

    Content writer @ JJ studio

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